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Posts Tagged ‘protection’

Efficiency Expert: Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

November 8th, 2011 Comments off

Performing regular data backups is a mundane but essential job that is often not appreciated until the inevitable happens – the loss of your business’ critical data. This can be caused by many occurrences – hardware failure, data corruption due to a malware infection or virus, physical damage to your place of business such as fire or storm damage, theft or vandalism, or simply an innocent employee error. The task is becoming ever more difficult due to exponential data growth, which leading IT research and advisory firm Gartner, Inc. estimates to be about 45% annually. It is challenging to find backup and disaster recovery solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective as the amount of your critical data continues to grow.

Data backup and disaster recovery planning are best practices for every business, regardless of size. Small Business Technology Solutions can provide you with a simple, reliable, affordable AUTOMATED backup system that integrates both on-site backup for situations where local data recovery is feasible and cloud-based off-site backup in the event of the complete loss of data. Backups can include email messages, contact lists, files, databases, or even entire volumes. Data is encrypted during transmission to the cloud and is immediately available for remote recovery. Three copies of the data are maintained at separate locations – one locally at your place of business and two others in geographically separate data centers. All backups are managed and monitored by professionals and require little effort or expertise on your part.

Contact Small Business Technology Solutions today for a review of your data backup needs. For just a reasonable monthly fee, you can have this little slice of heaven and rest easier knowing your data can be restored if and when the need arises.


Why we choose Barracuda – SPAM Filtering

September 16th, 2010 Comments off

Here is an interesting article put out by Barracuda, the worldwide leader in Email protection. Our SPAM filtering service employs their technology to protect our customers and their businesses. For more information on our service please visit our website, or call one of our offices.

You may have heard about a rampant email Trojan – dubbed “Here You Have” – that circulated late last week. According to our Barracuda Labs research team, the spam first appeared at 8:44 a.m. PDT on Thursday, Sept. 9 and continued to spike throughout that afternoon. Volume dropped off rapidly once the account hosting the malware was shut down.
The virus spread like wildfire. According to reports, it nearly halted work at offices around the world as these messages flooded the inboxes at major organizations including NASA, Comcast, AIG, Disney and more.  I am very happy to report that our security analysis team worked quickly with engineering to ensure that immediate protections were in place to protect our customer base.  And in fact, we immediately blocked more than 200,000 of these messages outright.  This is a faster response time than the majority of our competitors and is an illustration of Barracuda Networks’ ability to respond to the latest threats quickly, and through the power of Energize Updates, we are able to arm our products with powerful protections to keep the networks of you and your customers safe.
The Barracuda Labs team posted a blog entry (“
Here You Have” spam teaches an old worm a new trick) with additional details on this attack, and it is the current Featured Entry off the Barracuda Labs home page. Please check the site often, as we will continue to post updates regarding major outbreaks and trends that we are monitoring as part of our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with the best protection possible.
Thank you for your continued support!
Michael Hughes
VP of Worldwide Sales
Barracuda Networks Inc.
Coverage: (
Barracuda Networks Newsroom)

SC Mag: ‘Here You Have’ email worm target website taken offline, as suspicions begin on who was responsible 

Dark Reading: Cyber-Jihad Group Could Be Behind Worm Clogging Email Servers Worldwide, Researcher Says

Small Business One Care

September 25th, 2009 Comments off

Our Answer to Managed Services

Small Business Care is an all in one IT management contract. It provides your company with piece of mind and better planned costs. Every business today relies on technology in many aspects of the day to day operations. From email to websites to accounting, there are few things technology has not touched in today’s business world. That is where we come in, you do not want to worry about managing your technology infrastructure, and you have more important things to do like running your business. Our set of management contracts provide you with the reliability and response you need to make technology work for you!

What does it includes?

  • Network Health Monitoring
  • Client/Server Health Monitoring,
  • Client/Server Windows Update Monitoring
  • Client/Server Virus Monitoring
  • New User Account Creation/Remote
  • Setup 5GB Offsite Backup Storage (Upgradable)
  • Daily Backup Monitoring
  • Priority Onsite Support Callouts
  • 1 Hour of Included Onsite Support Monthly
  • 1 Hour of Included Remote Support Monthly
  • Unlimited Priority Email Support and Vendor Relation
What are the Advantages

  • Fixed Monthly Cost for Support
  • Improved Network Reliability
  • Company Data is Backed Up and Safe
  • Priority Onsite Support
  • Priority Email Support
  • Single Point of Contact
  • No Worries or Vendor Hassles
  • Regular Contact with Us
  • We Keep You Informed
  • Proactive (Fix issues before they become problems)
  • Saves Money
  • You can now go back to worrying about your business and not your technology problems

If you would like more information on how we can reduce your IT support costs please give one of our offices a call:

Kenosha Office – 262-671-4898
Janesville Office – 608-554-4858

Hosted Exchange

December 23rd, 2008 Comments off

If you or your employees have ever lugged a laptop around town just to access critical business email or files, Small Business Technology Solutions business-class email, based on Microsoft Hosted Exchange, might be a solution for you.

With our business-class hosted mail solution based on Microsoft Exchange, you get all of the features a Fortune 500 Company has at small business price, including: 

  • Upgrades, security patches and an Enterprise-class data center
  • Archiving, backup, anti-SPAM and anti-Virus
  • Support for Microsoft ActiveSync and Blackberry mobile solutions
  • 24×365 access to online support, administration and management tools 

Business-class messaging includes support for access from any Internet-connected PC, device or PDA, including access to e-mail, personal and corporate contacts, calendars and shared folders with critical business files. With support for Microsoft Direct-Push and Blackberry you can have access to your email, contacts, calendar and more in the palm of your hand.. Included in the service is a Microsoft Outlook 2007 license for every user to unleash the full messaging potential of business-class e-mail, a $299 value.

At just $12.99/user/month, wouldn’t you rather know that your employees always have access to the tools they need to be successful, regardless of location?

Please visit the Exchange Page or call an expert at 262-671-4898 today to find out more or sign up today.

Untangle Solution for Small Business!

December 22nd, 2008 Comments off

New Untangle Solution:  Affordable Easy Way to Secure, Protect, Control, and Monitor your small business network!

Untangle provides A New Way to Secure, Protect, and Manage Network applications.


Product Overview

Untangle delivers an integrated family of applications that simplify and consolidate the network and security products that businesses need at the network gateway. 

Pre-configured to work right away
Downloadable for rapid deployment
Integrated with a common GUI, logging & reporting
Designed to run on generic Intel/AMD hardware

Web Filter
Spam Blocker
Spyware Blocker
Protocol Control
Virus Blocker
Phish Blocker
Attack Blocker
Untangle Reports�
Routing & QoS 

You decide which applications to run. If you are happy with your current firewall and router, set the gateway behind it in bridge mode and use Spam Blocking, Web Filtering and 10 other applications. Many businesses that use this practice “defense in depth” and run our product as one of multiple, redundant security layers.

  • Fits into any Budget
  • Less Headaches

You’ve probably experienced the complexity of trying to manage a lot of different security and network management solutions. Maintaining vendor relationships, managing licenses, keeping settings updated and dealing with problems can cut into your time and budget.

Our Untangle integrated solution actually lowers your total cost of ownership. We can take care of all the software maintenance and updates to keep your network safe. Untangle commercial add-ons have simple licensing plans that don’t require constant updating with each new hire.

Shouldn’t everything be this righteous? Contact us today at 262-671-4898 or