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Archive for December, 2008

Happy New Year

December 31st, 2008 Comments off

From everyone here we would like to wish all our customers, friends and family a very happy and safe new year! We look forward to working with you all in 2009.

Offsite Backup

December 29th, 2008 Comments off

How Valuable is Your Data?

Too often, many small businesses rely on an employee to back up the data to an external hard drive or burnable CD/DVD. While this backup is better than nothing, it is seriously flawed. Most of the time, the employee forgets to backup the data. A surprising majority of small businesses do not have a reliable backup system. Whether it be due to budget constraints of implementing an in-house backup server or just being unsure of how to implement backups to avoid disaster, many business owners don’t realize that they are placing their own livelihood in jeopardy every day by not having a secure backup system.

Unfortunately, some learn the hard way and only after a disaster understand the importance of safeguarding their business data. Why wait for disaster and pay thousands of dollars for an attempt to recover the data from a failed hard disk when you can protect yourself for as little as 30 cents a day?


We offer a backup solution to protect you and your business, here is a list of just a few things included:

  • Offsite storage in a secure facility
  • Onsite Server Administrator
  • FTP Client Software
  • Offsite Backup Software
  • One Included Backup software setup (remotely, onsite additional charge)
  • Dedicated Bandwidth for fast Uploads
  • Web Control Panel
  • Support by people who understand small business needs
  • For more information and pricing please visit our website, or give us a call at 262-671-4898

    Happy Holidays

    December 23rd, 2008 Comments off

    This year Robert and I have been busy, with growing the business and making more value for you, the user. I am sure that everyone looking at the current uneasy economic state is hoping to just ride this long and very financially risky roller coaster. With that said we will be running a BIG price sale from now to February 1, 2009.

    PC Cleanups and Software Update

    Is your pc running slow? Are you getting lots of strange errors with not answer to why? Do you still need to have Windows Service Pack 3 or Office Service Pack 3 installed, running an older version of Acrobat Reader, Flash, Shockwave, AVG, and iTunes? Then a pc cleanup and software update is the trick.

    What is Included: Cleanup old programs, Remove unwanted files, Run a disk cleanup, Run a Disk Defragment. Update PC to Latest Windows and Office Service Pack 3, Install 2007 File compatibility, Install Acrobat 9, Flash 10.2 player, AVG 8.0

    Total Value: $110.00 per pc + Mileage fee for PC Cleanup and $85.00 for Service Pack Install and Update

    Sale Price: $85.00 per pc + Mileage Fee

    After this process is finished, your pc should be running faster, opening up websites quicker and running like it was the day you got it. You will also have the peace of mind that your machine will be ready for the next year without major problems.

    View our YouTube Video Podcasting Page

    Both Robert and I are very happy for the 117 people who have viewed our video. Within the next two weeks I will be posting another video about “Real Security Flaws” and “Basic Backup Principals.” Please feel free to view both of those videos, make comments and tell All of your friends. Let all see those number get higher and create a true community.

    To setup up a service time call us at our office number: (262) 671-4898 ext. 202. I am very excited to hear back from everyone and to offer you the level of service that Small Business Technology Solutions is all about. “You worry about running your life, we will worry about the technology” Also I urge you to send this to anyone you know that you feel might find value in this great service. We are always happy to grow our number and fix new problems. We have added more services for Busienss and Non-profits so also send this email to other buisness owers and opperations of Non-profits. Well we look forward to hearing from everyone and of Behalf of Robert and Erika Novak and myself we wish you a Merry Chirstmas, Happy Holidys and very warm New Years.

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    Hosted Exchange

    December 23rd, 2008 Comments off

    If you or your employees have ever lugged a laptop around town just to access critical business email or files, Small Business Technology Solutions business-class email, based on Microsoft Hosted Exchange, might be a solution for you.

    With our business-class hosted mail solution based on Microsoft Exchange, you get all of the features a Fortune 500 Company has at small business price, including: 

    • Upgrades, security patches and an Enterprise-class data center
    • Archiving, backup, anti-SPAM and anti-Virus
    • Support for Microsoft ActiveSync and Blackberry mobile solutions
    • 24×365 access to online support, administration and management tools 

    Business-class messaging includes support for access from any Internet-connected PC, device or PDA, including access to e-mail, personal and corporate contacts, calendars and shared folders with critical business files. With support for Microsoft Direct-Push and Blackberry you can have access to your email, contacts, calendar and more in the palm of your hand.. Included in the service is a Microsoft Outlook 2007 license for every user to unleash the full messaging potential of business-class e-mail, a $299 value.

    At just $12.99/user/month, wouldn’t you rather know that your employees always have access to the tools they need to be successful, regardless of location?

    Please visit the Exchange Page or call an expert at 262-671-4898 today to find out more or sign up today.

    Untangle Solution for Small Business!

    December 22nd, 2008 Comments off

    New Untangle Solution:  Affordable Easy Way to Secure, Protect, Control, and Monitor your small business network!

    Untangle provides A New Way to Secure, Protect, and Manage Network applications.


    Product Overview

    Untangle delivers an integrated family of applications that simplify and consolidate the network and security products that businesses need at the network gateway. 

    Pre-configured to work right away
    Downloadable for rapid deployment
    Integrated with a common GUI, logging & reporting
    Designed to run on generic Intel/AMD hardware

    Web Filter
    Spam Blocker
    Spyware Blocker
    Protocol Control
    Virus Blocker
    Phish Blocker
    Attack Blocker
    Untangle Reports�
    Routing & QoS 

    You decide which applications to run. If you are happy with your current firewall and router, set the gateway behind it in bridge mode and use Spam Blocking, Web Filtering and 10 other applications. Many businesses that use this practice “defense in depth” and run our product as one of multiple, redundant security layers.

    • Fits into any Budget
    • Less Headaches

    You’ve probably experienced the complexity of trying to manage a lot of different security and network management solutions. Maintaining vendor relationships, managing licenses, keeping settings updated and dealing with problems can cut into your time and budget.

    Our Untangle integrated solution actually lowers your total cost of ownership. We can take care of all the software maintenance and updates to keep your network safe. Untangle commercial add-ons have simple licensing plans that don’t require constant updating with each new hire.

    Shouldn’t everything be this righteous? Contact us today at 262-671-4898 or